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Krix Loudspeakers

Krix is an Australian AV industry icon. Family owned and operated since 1974.

Their products are designed and built in Australia and we represent them worldwide.

From their commercial cinema systems, there is a good chance you will have listened to one at the movies, to home entertainment speakers, cinema, amplifiers & processors.

Tributaries Cables

Tributaries was founded in 1991 and is a family owned American company and the leading provider of high-performance and high quality Digital & Analog Audio Interconnects, Speaker Cables, AC Power Products and HDMI Cables.

All products are constructed with the finest metallurgy and materials, and assembled in Orlando, Florida with  meticulous hand craftsmanship, and come with a Lifetime Limited warranty. 

Dutch & Dutch

Dutch & Dutch emerged as a spin-off from a Dutch engineering firm in 2014. Driven by a small seed investment, their focus centred on leveraging frequency-dependent sound delay to develop PA systems that harnessed anti-phase sound for localised sound control.

Extensive research is their foundation, immersing their team in the intricacies of digital filters and sound dynamics.

Ferrum Audio

Ferrum Audio is a new brand proudly made in Poland by parent company, HEM who have manufactured high end audio since 1998!

HYPSOS is their firstborn, OOR the second, ERCO the third and WANDLA fourth. These four siblings perform like nothing else right out of the box. Marrying HYPSOS to one of the other three will unleash musical bliss.  With EISA Awards in 2021, 2022 & 2023 prepare for some serious listening.


Cerasonar is a family business that focuses on the development and manufacture of invisible loudspeakers, handcrafted in Germany.

From intelligent DSP amplifiers, easy to use and high quality speaker cables through to our invisible speakers & subwoofers.

They provide a complete system by carefully tailoring each product to one another to ensure excellent sound quality and operational reliability.

Graham Audio

Graham Audio is a family-owned British company based in Newton Abbot, a small market town in Devon, south-west England. They are passionate about high-quality audio and believe that the classic BBC loudspeaker designs offer levels of neutrality, transparency and realism that are hard to find elsewhere today.

Using modern components and production techniques they have been able to maximise the performance while remaining true to the original designs.

Graham Audio

Garvan Acoustic

Garvan offers a premium listening experience delivered by architectural loudspeakers.

This product perfectly suits any environment, thanks to special design solutions and real flush mount speakers, together with endless possibilities of customisations of materials and colours.

MC2 Audio

MC2 is part of the XTM audio group of companies specialising in high powered and clean amplification designed for studio, installation, live sound and cinema use.

All designed and built in the UK to the highest standards to deliver the ultimate performance no matter what your power requirements.

MC2 Audio amplification

Clarus Cables

In the spirit of the true audiophile, Clarus Cables are designed to immerse discerning listeners in an ultimate audio experience with meticulously procession.

Leveraging the talents of celebrated cable designer Jay Victor, the Clarus Audiophile Collection features a stunning array of patented and patent-pending technologies, constructed with the finest metallurgy and materials.

Viva Audio

Viva Audio was founded in 1996 by brothers with a passion for music and a quest for perfect sound.

Designed and built on the centuries-old traditional Italian hand craftsmanship, their product range combines cutting edge technology, decades of audio expertise and superior quality materials to create the most incredible sound systems available.

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Cantata have filled a gap in the universal remote control market with their Haptique 90 model. Designed to ensure ease of use and be truely univeral with IR, WiFi and Bluetooth control, and easy to use App with 'drag and drop' so anyone can program it from their smart phone. 

Ultrafide Audio


From the studio, via the stage, to the home – This is ULTRAFIDE!

You can now be part of sound history, no less powerful, no less professional. Main stage performance in the comfort of your home. HiFi with attitude.

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Moose Sound

Moose sound is a professional audio brand 100% developed and manufactured in Portugal.

All products are developed and manufactured “in site”, built and assembled with European components and parts exclusively offering its customers reliable, cost-effective systems featuring elegant design and rugged construction, truly providing “turnkey” solution.

Audio Solutions

Owned and founded in 2011 by a talented speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, AudioSolutions speakers are produced and manufactured in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU).

They combine laws of physics with design, manufacturing stability and customers' needs to make perfect speakers.

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