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Sales Representation

  • With over 34 years industry experience and expertise, we connect your brand with the right distribution and wholesale channels internationally. We basically become part of your team working to increase sales revenue and profits.
  • After an initial consultation, we provide you with a tailored services proposal which generally consists of a monthly retainer and commission structure.
  • We vet all interested distribution parties through a series of phone calls and references and can facilitate the agreement between your brand and the distributor.
  • We attend key industry trade shows, expo’s and conferences to meet with potential and existing distribution partners on your behalf as part of our service.


  • We pride ourself on building true business partnerships, keeping in regular contact with distributors and being available to answer their questions. This is through face-to-face contact, phone conversations, messaging and email.
  • We provide you with regular market updates, including an annual performance report.
  • We regularly communicate with our database of distributors with brand and product news and reviews.
  • We are comfortable having the tough conversations with distributors that are not delivering results, if required.

Sales and Product Training

  • We facilitate regular product training to ensure all the brand and product specifics are delivered in an easily understandable format so the distributor can educate their dealer network and the end-user.
  • With our vast experience across many countries and sales disciplines, we add value with sales suggestions and techniques, where appropriate.
  • We are available to answer the technical queries and any issues in a timely manner.


As a distributor…

Why should I use your services when I can order direct from the manufacturer?•   You are still ordering direct from the manufacturer when dealing with us. We are simply their sales and support arm, so wether the order is sent to us or directly to the factory, it makes no difference. You maintain a relationship with us and the factory as one.

Who do I pay when I order through Global AV Sales?•  All invoicing is from the manufacturer directly to you, and you are still paying the manufacturer directly. Global AV Sales have no financial agreement with distributors.

Who would do products training for our sales team?•   In most cases Global AV Sales do the product training for each of the brands we manage, although sometimes we also get the manufacturers involved where appropriate.

Can I still talk to the factory if I want to?•   Yes! It is important that you have a relationship with the factory, as well as with Global AV Sales. This is a partnership, and we believe in long term, so we all need to be comfortable with each other.

As a manufacturer…

Why should we consider Global AV Sales over other agencies?•  The reason we exist is because we had a lack of service from some manufacturers and agencies when distributing, so we wanted to address this. We are super responsive and we actually care about our manufacturing partner and distributors equally.

•  At Global AV Sales we believe in being part of your team. We want to ensure that the partners we approach fit with your philosophy in business, so that the relationship is harmonious.

Will we have a relationship and contact with the appointed distributors?•   Absolutely! It is imperative that all parties know and like each other in order to have a trusting long term relationship.

What areas do you cover globally?•   We cover the whole world but break it into regions, so you can choose where you require the support; Worldwide, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe, South America, North America.

What do you charge for your services?•   We charge monthly based on the region, or regions you want managed, plus a small commission on sales.


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